Forest Lake Homeowners Association Florence, SC

History of Forest Lake Shores


Forest Lake Shores was created in 2003 by the purchase of land from the Ratliff family on the east side of Forest Lake. The land was purchased and developed by Mr. Phillip Lowe a long-time resident of Forest Lake and businessman in Florence.

The land is bordered by the Forest Lake Dam on the east, the Waterford community on the north and Womack Gardens on the west. The property was annexed into the City of Florence in 2004.

The terrain was cleared of most trees and leveled to provide flat lots. The development consists of 62 lots15 of which actually front on the lake. Three long canals were dug into the land providing additional waterfront property.

Street names are Drakeshore Drive, Kristen’s Channel, and Duck Hunter Lane. Two of the streets end in cul-de-sacs. Architecture and landscape review committees are responsible for maintaining the esthetic quality of the neighborhood. All streets are curbed and contain lampposts

The first residence was constructed in 2004 along one of the canals and move-in occurred in November, 2004. The second home constructed also began in 2004 and was completed in 2005. It is near the entry to the community on Knollwood Road. It sold for over $700,000. Another early purchaser acquired two lakefront lots and constructed a single home covering both lots. The developer is building a permanent residence there as well near the land entry to the Forest Lake dam.

The community maintains it’s own homeowner’s association and has enacted strict covenants and restrictions. A recitation of all restric-tions can be obtained from their web site “”.

Availability of lots can also be checked from their web site.